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Goalkeeper gloves for Juventus Academy Los Angeles

Hello hello, we are really happy to  introduce you our new collaboration with such a reference as Juventus Academy Los Angeles surely is. The owner of this academy is renowned Alessandro Del Piero, you know him, don’t you ? :-)

With the design we intended it to be absolutely clear that they are connected to the famous club from Torino. After the lots of draft designs and ideas we finally came to an agreement with the director of the academy Georgi Hristov and chose designs that in 3D and 2D looked this:

The production itself lasted 4 weeks and this is how the final gloves looked like.

According to the agreement are the customers gloves created with double wrist band and foams were mixed as some of the keepers wanted Contact Grip and the others Giga Grip, there were also various cuts.  We used Negative Cut and Hybrid NC.

What do you think ? Do you like them ?

If you are also interested to have gloves exactly according to yourself, either for you or for your club, do not hesitate and order here or read more about the custom model creation process:

Official Juventus Academy Los Angeles website: https://jacademy.juventus.com/en/academies/los_angeles/

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