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Goalkeeper Gloves

BU1 Custom work – MOL Vidi FC

Thanks to the help of our friend and member of the BU1 family, Tomas Tujvel, who is on the end of another successful season in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, we reached the Academy of contending Hungarian Champion – MOL Vidi FC.

We didn’t hesitate for a second when the request for the production of gloves for all goalies of the football academy in Videoton arrived in our mailbox. There was a need to create gloves that would not only look awesome, but would also be enjoyed by those in the lowest children’s category, but also by guys who are slowly but surely getting ready for senior football. It should be noted that among the members of the academy, for which gloves were designed, there are also boys and girls various ages and proportions.

That’s why we wanted to create something universal. Something that will fit every goalie in Academy, that can withstand the tough trainings and what is not just the decorative thing. So the graphic designer made a simple but nice looking design with a large team logo across the back of the glove, and we used a white Contact Grip foam with excellent durability. Hybrid Cut was chosen as a glove cut, because it is the ideal mix between Negative Cut and Roll Finger. Double elastic strap is a necessity, because thank to it every goalie can adjust it to him/herself.

The production of ideal gloves for male and female players of different ages and size is never easy, but we hope that not only academics, but also Tomas Tujvel, who has overseen the whole production, will be satisfied. Finally, we would like to thank the whole Hungarian Champions team and its football school and wish them good luck in the future!

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