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BU1 Custom work – broken fingers

Gloves with your own design are one of the most required things what a goalkeeper can dream about. And we proudly say: “We can make your dreams come true! “

One of those wishes was to make gloves for goalkeeper with broken finger and as major part of you knows, catching with a hand injury can be very dangerous and it may cause much bigger problems. Even though sometimes there is no other choice. Moreover finger recovery may take more than weeks, so investment in own goalkeeper gloves is more than wise.

A few weeks ago two goalkeepers independently of each other sent us a message. Their request was to make gloves which could protect their fingers and which could give them opportunity to bond their broken finger to other one. As a result we designed a special piece of gloves made only for themselves. Both of goalies configurated their gloves similarly –  Giga Grip latex and double bandage fastening. The first one chose to re-work Lime model to Negative Cut, the second one wanted special cut on pair of Roll Finger Blues.

The delivery request was little bit more demanding than other desires and wishes, because the customers wanted their gloves as soon as possible – We produced and packed them in just 4 weeks. According to fact, that both orders included only one special piece, the price was $140 for 1 pair.

We would love to thank you so much for your order and we wish you dozens of clean sheets and wins!

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  1. Since your finger has 14 bones, it may seem that a break in one shouldn t affect you much. But you need all of your finger bones in working order to carry out normal daily activities, from lifting a cup to your lips to writing a report. A broken finger — medically termed a fracture — can significantly affect your life, especially if it doesn t heal correctly. The type of break, area of the break and treatment all affect your recovery time. See your doctor promptly if you think you have a broken finger. Early treatment can prevent potentially permanent damage.

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