A few words about BU1 NEO REDs

The football world has woken up from winter hibernation and many of you have waited for something fresh. Those of you who need new equipment in their football bag, watch out! We have brought a brand new model for you!. Model, which is already praised by a lot of Pros and Amateurs.

What are they?

BU1 Neo Red, that’s the full name of a brand new model, which seems very similiar to the Signal model series, but it also takes from our classics. As the name itself suggests, gloves are truly unmistakable. They suit perfectly with red or black goalkeeper set, but they also look amazing with other color combinations. On the other hand, the word Neo says, that it’s something very new. Something that hasn’t been on the market before.

These gloves will astonish you!

As already mentioned, the model is based on old Negative Cut models, and at the same time they took the best from popular Signals. As before, we wanted to create gloves that would fit the goalkeeper’s skin as much as possible to ensure maximum touch on the ball and comfort. In addition, this time we have edited the NC cut, so there is very little space in the glove for any unwanted movement. Whole glove is made of neoprene, which not only keeps its true shape on the hand troughout the match or training, but it also has an incredible durability. One of the biggest benefits of neoprene is that you don’t have to worry about losing color of your gloves. Some of you may noticed that the gloves lack the plastic ending with the BU1 logo on the bandage. Thanks to its removal, gloves are now even narrower than ever before. For better hitting of high balls with your fist especially in wet conditions, there is a rubber on the upper side of the fingers. 4 millimeters Contact Grip foam is just the icing on the cake, because it has excellent properties in all weather conditions and its durability is at least really impressive.

Are they really so unique?

Unfortunately, we can’t decide that for you. However, sales numbers could tell you. This model was sold out on the first weekend! Many pros such as Přemysl Kovář or Tomas Tujvel immediately took them to closer inspection and they say that they are perfect. And it weren’t not only them but also many other goalies who trust our brand. That’s why we would like to thank you for such big interest. We didn’t expect anything like that. We appreciate it so much!

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