About BU1 Gloves

Our vision is clear. We want to produce the best goalkeeper gloves in the world. We want to enable amateur football enthusiasts from regional divisions to catch with the same gloves as top professionals playing in the Europa League. Check out some of the goalies who catch with the BU1. You might know them.
Jan Lastuvka in BU1 gloves
Jan Lastuvka
Premysl Kovar in BU1 goalkeeper gloves
Premysl Kovar
Dominik Holec in BU1 gloves
Dominik Holec
Milos Buchta in BU1 goalkeeper gloves
Milos Buchta
Filip Rada in BU1 gloves
Filip Rada
Evgenyi Borovik v BU1
Evgenyi Borovik

We care about quality

We use only top-quality materials and cuts that perfectly fit goalkeepers´ hands. Confirmed by hundreds of our satisfied customers.

We love them :-)

Being goalkeepers ourselves, our aim is to produce gloves that our customers will fall in love immediately after putting them on.


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