About BU1 Gloves

Our vision is clear. We want to produce the best goalkeeper gloves in the world. We want to enable amateur football enthusiasts from regional divisions to catch with the same gloves as top professionals playing in the Europa League. Check out some of the goalies who catch with the BU1. You might know them.

Jan Lastuvka in BU1 gloves
Jan Lastuvka

Fulham FC
VfL Bochum
West Ham United
FC Dnipro
FC Shakhtar Donetsk

Czech national team member, winner of czech 1st league and Ukrainian Premier League

Premysl Kovar in BU1 goalkeeper gloves
Premysl Kovar

Hapoel Haifa
PFC Cherno More Varna
SK Slavia Praha

Winner of Czech 1st league and Czech Cup

Alban Hoxha in BU1
Alban Hoxha

Partizani Tirana

Albanian national team member

Milos Buchta in BU1 goalkeeper gloves
Milos Buchta

FC Rapid București
FC Oțelul Galați
SK Sigma Olomouc

Czech best goalkeeper – 2018
Romanian best goalkeeper – 2010
Winner of Romanian Liga 1

Dusan Kuciak BU1
Dusan Kuciak

West Ham United
FC Vaslui
Legia Warszawa
Hull City
Lechia Gdańsk

Slovakian national team member, winner of polish Ekstraklasa and Slovak Super Liga

Tomas Tujvel BU1
Tomas Tujvel

Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC
Videoton FC

Winner of Hungarian 1st league

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We care about quality

We use only top-quality materials and cuts that perfectly fit goalkeepers´ hands. Confirmed by hundreds of our satisfied customers.

We love them :-)

Being goalkeepers ourselves, our aim is to produce gloves that our customers will fall in love immediately after putting them on.


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